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Destination Weddings

One of the best parts of jet-setting of to a far-off place for a destination wedding is: the cuisine and menu filled with locally sourced food and drinks. Along with sandy beaches and tropical climates these are the only hot spots that make up for a stunning destination weddings for you and your guest.

Why Choose a Destination wedding?

Your money goes further! Your travel package will typically be an all-inclusive, value added package. Wedding packages are sometimes free or at a minimal cost in comparison to a local wedding. 

One beautiful location

Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon all in the same location. A venue to say your “I Do’s” surrounded by natural beauty, amidst swaying palms, destinations where pictures are always perfect.

Wedding and reunion all in one

An opportunity to celebrate for one week instead of one day with family and friends while creating life long memories.

Why choose us?

With passion and expertise behind us you can expect a wealth of knowledge and information.

We have solid quality control systems in place to ensure both your travel and wedding experience is seamless.

Our strong relationships with vendors around the world will help ensure you upgrades and added amenities.

We work with your budget offering affordable packages and bonus incentives.

You will stay at top-quality resorts in the most romantic destinations.

A level of service and integrity that surpasses most.

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